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    Sky ICU

    " Sky ICU Service (HEMS)
    We are the first Air Operator’s Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)
    in South East Asia. The medical equipments are installed on-board with
    certified Advanced Life Support (ALS) and attended by certified aviation
    physicians and certified flight nurses. 

    All medical crewmembers are highly skilled in acute care of trauma, cardiac,
    neonatal, obstetrics, pediatrics, burn care and emergency cases. We strive
    to utilize the most advanced HEMS for on-site medical service, life-saving
    road accident casualty and severely ill patients by a team of fully certified

    Flying Limousine

    Flying Limousine Service 
    Our helicopter MBB-BK117 C-2 is an ideal prestigious VIP Flying Limousine.
    The helicopter equipped with the most advances avionics flight instrument for 
    maximum safety and effective mode of transport. The spacious volume and 
    air-conditioned cabin is accessible via the large slide-doors & rear clamshell 
    doors for straight-in loading of ideal baggage and golf bags.

    For maximum comfort, our Flying Limousine has eight VIP seat configurations 
    with back-support soft cushioning, restraint seatbelts and head-sets 
    The radio communication head-sets are also provided for real experiences of 
    helicopter pilot air to ground communications witnessing and your 


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